7 remedies that prevent cockroaches and bugs in kitchen

Hot water and vinegar

This is a simple hack, you don’t need to look around for ingredients everywhere as you can simply find these in your kitchen. Just take some hot water, mix 1 portion of white vinegar and stir well, wipe slabs and clean around the cook tops with this solution and pour this solution in the kitchen drains in the night, this will disinfect the pipes and drains and would keep cockroaches from climbing up into the kitchen.

Hot water lemon and baking soda

Another easy kitchen hack that you can use to keep the disgusting crawlers at bay is by mixing 1 lemon, 2 tablespoon baking soda in 1litre hot water, stir it well and pour in the drain outlets or wash the area below the sink or slabs with this solution to stop the breeding of cockroaches in the kitchen.

Boric acid and sugar

This age-old remedy works wonders, just mix some boric acid and sugar, then spread it across the places where you find cockroaches breeding. While the sugar lures the bugs, boric acid kills them immediately. So, next time you come across these bugs and cockroaches try this hack.

​Essential oils

If you used these oils for skin care or other healing purposes, then you would be amazed to know that essential oils like peppermint oils and lavender oil can help in keeping bugs at bay. Just spray some essential oils around the kitchen and cabinets, and allow the aroma to spread its magic.


This delicious yet hydrating veggie tastes amazing, but did you know cockroaches find the essence and aroma of cucumbers disgusting! Yes, this is true and keeping a few slices around the places where you find cockroaches can keep them away from your kitchen.

Neem extracts

From neem leaves to neem oil, these work miraculously in keeping roaches and bugs away from your kitchen. Just keep a few leaves of neem in the kitchen and you can witness the change in just 3 days. You can also spray some neem oil mixed with hot water to stop the roaches and bugs from breeding in the kitchen.


This spice can keep creepy cockroaches at bay, the strong essence of cinnamon can keep these bugs from climbing up the kitchen slabs and cabinets. Just sprinkle some freshly ground cinnamon powder around the kitchen and keep these roaches from breeding.


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