Closeup of a Madagascar hissing cockroach on a rock

Types of Cockroaches

German cockroaches

The German cockroach is the most common of all cockroach types found in America. Their high-speed capacity for breeding makes them a direct threat to your family and home. All it takes is one single female to get into your home.

Between her and her offspring, more than 30,000 cockroaches can be produced in one year, though many of them won’t live very long. The ones that do survive are more than enough to cause disease and disgust.

Each German cockroach egg case (ootheca) can hatch between 20 and 40 baby roaches, and unlike other types of cockroaches, the adult female carries the eggs with her until they are ready to hatch. This makes them extremely persistent and difficult to get rid of.

Brown-banded cockroaches

While German and brown-banded roaches might inhabit the same house, they rarely hide in the same spots. Brown-banded roaches prefer warmer, drier areas, especially up high and inside your electronics, television, refrigerator, etc. They tend to stay away from water.

American cockroaches

Though not the most common cockroach in American homes, the American cockroach is the largest. They can survive up to two years, much longer than other cockroach types. These roaches are more commonly called “palmetto bugs” and spotting one can be particularly alarming.

American cockroach, Periplaneta americana, isolated on white

Smoky brown cockroaches

The smoky brown cockroach dehydrates very quickly so you will see these types of roaches in moist, damp places – if you see them at all. They are excellent fliers and extremely nocturnal, though they are attracted to light and will enter homes when they see it.

Oriental cockroaches

More commonly called “water bugs“, the Oriental cockroach dwells in darkness and loves moist, damp spots that are out of sight and harm from humans. This makes them harder to get rid of without pest management professionals since pesticides might get washed away.


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