Why we crave junk foods?

1. You are eating too much junk food. 

The more you eat junk food, the more you crave junk food. Fortunately, our taste buds can change just as fast as our behaviors. Try upgrading some of your processed foods, to foods with healthier ingredients. Overtime, you will find that it is quite easy to find healthy foods that actually taste good. Remember, that flavor comes from nutrients.

athletic sportswoman and sportsman eating junk food

2. You indulge too fast

Did you know that cravings truly only last 10 minutes? When cravings kick in, distract yourself, go for a walk, eat something healthy, drink water, and re-visit your craving. Chances are, it was just a craving in that moment from boredom, stress, dehydration, etc.

Woman drinking mineral water at the pump-room

3. You don’t want to miss out.

 Just because you say no to a craving or something not so healthy, doesn’t mean you can never have it. Say to yourself, “now is not the right time.” Perhaps you are saving yourself for that big tailgate party where you can indulge a bit for the sake of others and the social connection that comes with it.

Young woman with duct tape over her mouth, preventing her to eat junk food

I promise this experience will be so much more worth it. Keep in mind that you don’t get pleasure when you over indulge.

4. Your sleep sucks. 

Many people view sleep as a sign of weakness. Everyone is bragging about how little sleep they got the night before. However, sleep is cool, and it’s not cool to brag about lack there of. The human body needs 7-9 hours of sleep each night to function at its highest level.

Female lying in bed and having sleeping problems

5. You have limiting beliefs around food.

Many people believe that they don’t like healthy foods like fruits and vegetables because they tried broccoli once when they were five. Good news! You are not 5 years old anymore–don’t let these old limiting beliefs hold you back from living your best self.

A woman eats junk food at home in the kitchen.

Did you know that our taste buds change every 6 years and that it take up to 12-15 tries before you develop a taste for certain foods. Experiment with new foods and flavors in the kitchen, make mistakes, and enjoy the taste of eating right.


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