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Why does my dog eat grass?

What Causes Dogs to Eat Grass? Dogs eat grass for a variety of reasons.

Dogs eat grass to increase their fiber intake, induce vomiting if they are ill, as a diversion from boredom, or supplement their nutrition.

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Health benefits Certain dogs consume grass to supplement their nutrition.

‘If you are not feeding your dog a premium diet, it is possible that they are eating grass to obtain additional roughage,’ says Dr. Jim Kennedy. ‘Roughage aids in the stimulation of the intestinal tract and is a necessary component of their diet,’ Dr. Kennedy explains.

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‘A diet high in prepared foods is frequently high in fiber, but not always in roughage.’ Because your dog takes pleasure in it. Your dog may also eat grass for the taste or texture.

At times, puppies simply want to eat grass,’ Dr. Kennedy explains. Rest assured that eating grass is generally safe for your dog’s health.


However, keep your pet away from pesticide– or chemicaltreated grass and never allow them to eat mowed grass clippings. ‘Eating grass is not necessarily a problem unless it occurs frequently,’ Dr. Kennedy explains.

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If your pet is consistently turning to grass to compensate for nutritional deficiencies in their diet, Dr. Kennedy recommends that you ‘take your canine companion to your neighborhood Vets.

If eating grass becomes a habit, it may indicate underlying problems.’ To elicit vomiting – not all dogs vomit after eating grass, but some do, according to Dr. Kennedy.

Puppy Diseases, Common Illnesses to Watch for in Puppies. Sick Beagle Puppy is lying on dog bed on

‘At times, that is precisely what your dog desires – pup is feeling a little queasy and understands that eating grass will result in vomiting and a better tummy,’ he explains. Problems with behavior. Additionally, your dog may be bored.

Funny bored dog behind kitchen table

If your dog is left alone in the backyard all day, it is possible that they are eating grass to pass the time. ‘At times, it may be a distraction,’ Dr. Kennedy explains. ‘Most dogs, if kept in an area where the grass is normally short, will also chase a bit of long grass.’

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To keep your dog occupied for extended periods of time, ensure that you provide plenty of toys. Encourage them to exercise by spending at least 30 minutes each day playing together and taking them for regular walks.


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