What WTM stands for?

You can tell someone is laughing aloud if they text you LOL.

If someone texts TTYL, it means they’ll “Talk To You Later” and that the conversation is finished for the moment.

What happens, though, if your pal texts you WTM?

Would you be able to respond? Or not?

They can be asking you What’s The Move? or What’s The Matter? depending on the situation. or by simply responding to you with a nasty “Whatever That Means” comment.

What Does WTM Stand For?

WTM is an acronym that has become part of Internet slang.

The non-standard vocabulary people use to communicate on social networking platforms, in instant messages, and during casual text exchanges is referred to as “Internet slang.”

In those situations, it may signify:

• What’s The Move?

• What’s The Matter?

Whatever That Means.

WTM Meaning

The abbreviation WTM has three possible meanings: What’s The Move? What’s The Matter? Whatever That Means.

What’s The Move?

You might use WTM if you’re in a group conversation or checking in with a friend to talk about your plans.

In that situation, asking “WTM” is equivalent to asking “What’s the plan?” Moving and planning go hand in hand in this situation. The phrase “What are we doing tonight?” is another translation.

This is the most common meaning of WTM.

What’s The Matter?

WTM also stands for “What’s the Matter?”

WTM is equivalent to asking “What’s bothering you” or “What’s wrong” if you’re speaking with a friend and they seem upset.

Although “What’s The Plan?” and “What’s The Matter?” are both inquiries, ending WTM with a question mark is not required. You can omit it or add it for emphasis, the recipient will still understand that you are posing a query.

Whatever That Means

Whatever That Means” is a third interpretation of WTM. WTM isn’t a question in this situation; instead, it’s a sarcastic comment comparable to “What are you talking about?

Now you know! You can try to chat your friend and try it!


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