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How Many Legs do Ants Have?

Ants have six legs on their thorax, which are attached to their body.

They use their legs to build bridges, run, and communicate, among other things.

ant workers

Ants are insects, which means they have six legs in three pairs, much like all insects.

big forest ant

The thorax, which comes after the head and before the abdomen, connects these legs to the second major body segment, the thorax.

The tarsus, tibia, and femur are the three components that make up the legs.

Macroshot of an ant sitting on a sunflowerl leaf

The ants‘ legs have a lot of joints, which allows them to move around a lot.

Therapist showing knee joint model

Ants are known to walk in an alternating tripod gait, which means that on one side, the front and back legs move with the middle leg on the opposite side, and on the other side, the opposite happens.

Carpenter ant, Camponotus vagus, carrying an egg

The majority of ant species begin their lives as an egg laid by the nest’s queen.

The larva, which is a grub-like organism with no legs, will hatch from the egg. The larvae’s task is to eat, and the workers feed it on a regular basis until it pupates.

Ant larvae, like caterpillars, go through a metamorphosis. Some species wrap themselves in silken cocoons, whereas others do not.

They build their legs during this stage of development, which allow them to move around as adults.


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