What Does ABS Mean in text?

ABS stands for “Anti-Lock Braking System,” “Abdominals,”

and “Absolutely.”

Here are further details and usage examples for each of these definitions of ABS.

When I use the term ABS, I mean:

Social media

The most typical definition of ABS on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok is “absolutely.”


The term “absolutely” is most frequently used in text talk and internet chat forums with the abbreviation ABS (typically written and spoken as “abs”) (as in “completely” or “totally”

ABS is often employed to convey agreement in this scenario. For instance:

Toni: Don’t you just hate it when people respond to your questions with one-word answers?

 Jordan: ABS.

Other meanings


The term “abdominals” or “rectus abdominis” (again, typically typed and pronounced as “abs”) is also frequently used online and in casual conversation to refer to the stomach muscles.

Fit young woman with toned abdominal muscles

The ABS are the principal muscles that show when a person has a well-defined “six pack.” For example:

Beautiful woman doing abs workout on mat

Lee: After that workout, my ABS are sore. By tomorrow, I bet I’ll have a six pack.

 Sam: You idiot! 100 extra pounds are on you. It will be at least six months before you see your ABS.

System of anti-lock brakes

The term “Anti-Lock Braking System” (abbreviated as “ABS”) can also refer to the electrical safety system that keeps a car’s brakes from locking up under hard braking.


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