On YouTube, what Does ft. Mean?

You’ve seen a music video on YouTube that starts with the letters “ft.”

What does it mean?

Usually this will be in the form of Artiste A ft. Artiste B

If you’re wondering what the term “ft.” on YouTube means, it most definitely does not refer to “feet,” at least not in this instance.

You’ll discover exactly what ft means in YouTube by reading this post.

You’ll also discover the advantages for artists and the reasons they do it.

On YouTube, what Does ft. Mean?

On YouTube, the abbreviation “ft.” indicates that one artist is featuring another artist.

The music video on YouTube states this in the title. Obviously.

On the titles of music videos on YouTube, the abbreviation “ft.” is considerably simpler and shorter than the full word “featured.”

YouTube has some ft. examples.

Enrique Iglesias‘ song “Bailando” with Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno, and Gente De Zona is available in English.

You can witness Enrique Iglesias performing the song “Bailando” in this video.

But he has worked with: rather than recording it alone.

  • Sean Paul,
  • Descemer Bueno, and
  • Gente De Zona

all in one song. Artists may include multiple artists in a single music video.

Look at this illustration:

“Justin Bieber – Baby (Official Music Video) ft. Ludacris”

Have you heard this yet? If not, you just missed half of your life! This was one of the most famous hit song of Justin Bieber!

You can see that Justin Bieber, the main performer in this example video, has recorded the extremely well-known song “Baby.”

But he has decided to work with Ludacris.

Thus, “ft. Ludacris” in the title implies “featuring Ludacris.”

When an artist uses the abbreviation “ft.,” it signifies that they are featuring another artist in their music video.

Outside of YouTube, ‘ft’ without the dot definitely means ‘feet’.


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