Cheerful family of African-Americans with a mother, father and baby having fun together

Top 5 Female African American Names!

Are you worried and confused about finalizing a name for your baby?

Then to ease your work, we have come up with a list of amazing African American baby girl names.

Abana –

It is an African American baby girl name which sounds sophisticated. Individuals with such names are expected to be ‘a strong personality’ in their lives.

Absco –

Im ready to go outside and play now. Shot of a cute baby boy looking through a window.

This rarely heard name adds a unique identity to your child. It means a person with ‘an innovative mind’.

Achebe –

If you are from a religious family, then go for this name. It means that this person is always protected by the Almighty.

Cute little African American child drinking from baby bottle

Adaeh –

This name is very classy, it points out to a crowned person. People with such name are expected to be very responsible and well-known.

Adamma –

Your daughter is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. This name reflects her beauty and makes her the center of attraction among the crowd.


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