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What Fruits Are Green?

Green Apples:

Apples are a form of tree-borne pomegranate fruit. Green apples, in general, have a tangier flavor than red apples. Several green apple types are good for eating right off the tree or preparing since they are less sweet.

Green apples

The crisp, fresh flavor complements salty, savory foods like aged cheese and lends vibrancy to a sandwich.


Kiwifruit, commonly known as kiwi or Chinese gooseberry, is a nutrient-dense fruit native to China. The fruit is sweet and tangy, with a thin, fuzzy, and fibrous light brown skin.

Fresh kiwi with leaves in a basket.

It’s known in the health and wellness community as a great source of vitamin C, a great antioxidant, and an immune booster.


So many pear variations exist, most of which have sleek green skin with indications of red and a distinguishable shape. Pears have a large, expanding base with a fruit that curves to the stem end.


The consistency of the flesh is determined by the type of pear. The crisp, thick flesh of some pears is great for poaching. Many pear kinds are delicate, with particularly delicious flesh that melts in your mouth.


These tiny green fruits which develop in clusters on vines are known as green grapes. Grapes that are greenish are widely termed “white grapes”. The shape of a grape is usually spherical. Many green grape types are spherical or oval in shape.

green grapes

Thompson grapes without seeds are the most popular green grapes in the United States.

Honeydew Melon:

Honeydew melons have such a high moisture content, with 90 percent of their weight made up of water. These are among the tastiest fruits available.

The flavor is similar to golden cantaloupe. Honeydew melon is used in smoothies, fruit salads, and as a snack.


Limes are spherical, greenish high in vitamin c with a tart flavor that puckers the lips. Green limes are usually about the size of a golf ball. The bright green lemon sections are protected by a thin green rind.


Limes have a harsh flavor when compared to lemons. Several limes, including Key limes, have such a smooth greenish exterior that turns yellowish when fully mature.

Sour Green Plums:

Sour green plums are spherical drupes with a firm, tart greenish flesh and a white stone surrounded by a shiny green peel. These fresh bitter plums are frequently too sour to eat.

Rather, the reddish and greenish varieties of these sour drupes are used in cuisine to make sauces, compotes, and relishes.


Avocado is a greenish, pear-shaped fruit grown on branches and has green rough skin. Many avocado cultivars, on the other hand, have smooth, bright greenish, gleaming skin. Once ripe, the avocado’s exterior skin can be brown, green, purple, and black depending on the type.

fresh avokado, green avocado on a table

A creamy green interior and a big stone are hidden beneath the leathery, rough skin. Trying to squeeze an avocado reveal that it is ripe whenever it breaks little.


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