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How to know if the guava is ripe?

Guava features some easy-to-realize characteristics, such as the oval to long leaves, the four-petaled white flowers, and the pear-shaped fruits. In addition, The flesh is the most nutrient part of guava, which can be off-white or pink.

Closeup of a Pink Red Guava Cut in Half, Fresh Picked

Like I’ve said above, different types of guava won’t taste similar. But overall, people often describe the unique flavor of guava as sweet or slightly bitter.

Depending on the variety, some guava skins can be thick and usually feature a green color when unripe, which will change to yellow or yellowish-green when it reaches maturity.

What Is Guava?

Guava is a well-known edible fruit all over the world, especially in tropical countries. A small fun fact: guava comes in various kinds, and each variety may slightly differ from others in terms of taste, appearance, etc.

Guava is a small tree of the Myrtaceae family, and guava grows natively in tropical America. However, because it is a delicious edible fruit, people widely cultivate guava in tropical and subtropical areas all over the world.

How to know when guava is ripe?

The smell, color, and texture of your guava are the most significant factors in knowing if your guava is ripe. So check for any change in terms of these characteristics to find out whether your fruits are ready to consume.

Guava hanging from the guava tree.

Your Guava Change The Color

The noticeable sign is that your guava color changed from dark green to a light yellow-green color. Sometimes, you also see the light pink color on its skin when ripe.

Pink Guavas

However, if you go to the supermarket and do not find any guava in that color, you can buy a green one. Do not worry! You can wait a few days until ripe.

Your Guava Has An Appealing Smell

It is obvious that your guava will release a pleasing smell when ripe. Depending on the aroma, you also know the ripening stages. The stronger the smell is, the riper your fruit is.

Guava Fruit / Amrood or Peru

You can sense a sweet, fruity, and floral scent from mature guava. And sometimes, you do not even need to put it near your nose to enjoy the aroma since guava’s aroma can get stronger when ripe.

Your Guava Features A Soft Texture

In addition to the color and smell, guava texture is also one of the most significant factors that shows the golden time of guava. There are two main ways to check.

Fresh guava fruit in basket on wooden table background.

You can check your guava by hand and give it a gentle squeeze. If your guava has a soft texture, this means your fruit is ready to enjoy. Moreover, the softer your guava is, the sweeter it features.


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