Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

There’s a reason why cats are afraid of the green fruit—and why you shouldn’t try to give one to your pet.

Cats are enigmatic creatures.

Cucumbers. Fresh cucumbers on wooden board

If you have a cat, you’ve probably wondered why it purrs, dislikes water, loves boxes, and kneads your lap. But the oddest cat behavior has pet parents wondering why cats are afraid of cucumbers.

Young woman preparing vegetarian green salad at home and playing with cat

Cucumbers terrify cats, so why are they so afraid of them?

Experts have a few suggestions as to why cucumbers frighten cats, but there is no conclusive solution as of yet.

Cucumbers. Fresh cucumbers on wooden board

Most people say that cats are afraid of cucumbers because of what they represent or how they “magically” appear.

Portrait of a frightened cat sitting on a tree. Fluffy gray cat with funny facial expression and big

Cucumbers are said to remind cats of snakes, which is one of the most prevalent explanations.

Northern Cat-eyed Snake in Belize

“Some people think cucumbers resemble a snake, which is a predator that has been known to attack and even consume cats,” says Claudine Sievert, DVM, a veterinarian in Kansas.

Objects and lifestyle

“When cats see an extended green object, they mistake it for a snake and flee.”

Another theory is that the cat is scared by the cucumber’s quick presence. This is similar to creeping up behind someone and shocking them.

Red cat with open mouth. Surprised cat. Shock content. An extreme degree of amazement.

“When they turn around and see a cucumber there, they leap and become terrified,” Dr. Sievert explains. “If you’ve ever seen your cat, you’ll know that he’s aware of everything around him and will respond to anything that moves suddenly or unexpectedly.

Staring european wild cat with fluffy tail on the wintry hunt

“His eyes will expand and his entire body will become hyper-vigilant.”

Here’s why you shouldn’t use cucumbers to scare cats.

Although films of cats becoming terrified of cucumbers and other fruits are amusing, experts advise against performing any such pranks with your pet at home. This is harmful to their health.

closeup on tabby cat at the vet with a stethoscope

“In terms of the ethical issue, the people who are putting these films out are purposefully scaring an unknowing animal,” says Gary Richter, DVM, a Rover veterinarian health specialist.

“Unlike a person who understands what has happened and can maybe laugh about it afterwards, the cat remains in the dark.

Maine Coon tortoiseshell cat sitting on cat house

” They have no idea what just transpired, and they are likely to experience considerable stress and behavioral changes as a result.


Every day, veterinarians meet a lot of animals with behavioral issues caused by traumatic incidents.”


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