Big french fries. Fried potato chips.

How many calories are in a big McDonald’s fry?

Which do you prefer: McDonald’s Large Fries or Small Fries? Is it true that a small fry has 50 calories? A medium fry with 100 calories?

A large fry may contain 150 calories, whereas a small fry may contain none. You’ll learn how many calories McDonald’s small, medium, and large fries contain.

frying french fries

The majority of folks adore their wonderful French fries with ketchup and mustard on their hamburgers.

Bag of Fried Potatoes with Ketchup

Except for the guilt of consuming so many calories as you reach the bottom of your comfy XXL tankard with such a great basket of hot sizzling French fries, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this obsession.

How many calories are in McDonald’s large fries?

You’re in the McDonald’s drive-thru, and you’ve got a foolish question on your mind: How many calories are in a large McDonald’s fries?

Fried French fries potatoes with salt in basket..

It’s safe to assume that if you visit McDonald’s, you enjoy their French fries. It’s also reasonable to imagine that you’ve been wondering about the calories in a large McDonald’s fry.

French fries. Fried mini potato sticks.

I believe we could all save some time by simply looking at the nutrition information on the back of the French Fries. This will provide you with enough information to calculate the calories in a large McDonald’s fries.

How many fries does a big fry at McDonald’s contain?

French fries in a frying pan. Gray background. Top view

McDonald’s began providing giant fries in 2011, which are a larger version of their medium fries. For years, they provided medium size fries that weighed 16.9 ounces, but then they switched to grams, and their large fries now weigh 19.8 grams (or 467 grams).

How many calories are in a medium McDonald’s fry?

2,190 calories to be exact! If you ate a McDonald’s medium fry, this is what you’d get. The medium size is nine ounces, which is around the size of a large McDonald’s fry. That’s a significant number of calories. Not only are there a lot of calories, but it may also be harmful to your heart.

Are the medium and large fries at McDonald’s the same?

Do you know why the medium and large fries at McDonald’s are the same size?

It may appear to be an odd question, yet there is an answer. The calorie count varies slightly depending on the order (the small contains fewer calories than the large), but they’re all about the same in terms of nutrition.

Calories in McDonald’s Small Fries

McDonald’s Small Fries are a tasty side dish to accompany their sloppy burgers. McDonald’s Small Fries, on the other hand, have only 250 calories.

In view of this, 250 calories does not appear to be excessive. There’s a reason they’re called “little” fries. So don’t be concerned about including them in your order.


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