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Top 10 Worst Baby Names!

A parent wants to give their child the best name in the world. However, some fail miserably in the pursuit and end up with the worst baby names. Some parents believe that choosing an unconventional and unused name is a cool idea.

In the process, they pick freak or unusual names for their little ones and make their life hard. While some bear the awkward names for the rest of their life, others change them later on, to avoid being embarrassed further. Here is a list of the worst baby names that you may not want to pick for your baby.

1. Hellzel:

Combination names are never a good idea, and this name just proves that. The Reddit user states that the mother liked the name Hazel, but the father was a biker and loved Hells Angel. So they came up with the horrible idea to give their child this strange name.

2. Ahmiracle:

Nearly 800 girls are named Miracle every year. Then you have the atrocious Ahmiracle, along with Lamiracles and Jamiracles. We know that a baby is no less than a miracle for parents, but why make it so obvious. If you like Miracle so much, why not select a name that means miracle?

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3. Anna:

Anna is such a beautiful and graceful name. It’s one of our favorites too! But why add the repugnant ellipsis? What word, sentence, and section did the parents omit from her name? We’re curious!

4. I’munique:

This is one of our favorite worst baby girl names. One Reddit user, who happens to be a banker in North Florida, found this name on her list. And it belongs to a girl. A narcissistic girl, we must say.

5. Baby Girl:

Little baby 6 months old in red sleepsuit and headband. The baby is played with rattle.

Now how did this name happen? Were the parents too lazy to think of a name for their girls? Or they thought this name had a nice ring to it? We’ll tell you how. When the baby was born, the parents were expecting a baby boy and had not even thought of a baby girl name. So they chose the abysmal name Baby Girl (last name) for their newborn.

6. Britney Shakira Beyoncé:

Don’t rub your eyes. This name belongs to one person. The parents were huge fans of these three singers and couldn’t decide whom to name their daughter after. So, they named her Britney Shakira Beyoncé. And, what’s even funnier is that they call her full name every single time.

7. Love-child Ermengarde:

It couldn’t get more revolting than this! The hippie parents wanted to include the mother’s grandmother’s name to their child’s name. So they named their daughter Love-child Ermengarde. We have no problem with Ermengarde, but why Love-child? Why not a proper name? Only the parents can give us the answer.

8. Shrek:

It isn’t good to name your child made-up names from cartoon characters.

9. Wolfgang:

Even though this is the name of a great composer, seriously, who would name their kid this? Wolf + Gang is a gang of wolves.

10. Seaman:

We have Superman, Batman, and what’s next? Seaman? All I can picture is a male superhero who is a mermaid underwater that saves people from dangers such as hurricanes and other water storms.


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