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What do you call a male lady bug?

Are ladybugs boy or girl?

It might be a bit of a surprise for you, but ladybugs are not actually bugs. Yep, you read it right; they are not bugs. Apparently, ladybugs are considered to be beetlesContrary to what many believe, not all ladybugs are female. There are male ladybugs, as well.


What are boy/male ladybugs called?

Male ladybugs are called ladybugs too. The name encompasses both the male and female species of ladybugs. Unless you are a specialist and you look at the ladybugs under a microscope, it’ll be very difficult to determine the gender of a ladybug.


Named After Mother Mary

One of the reasons why ladybugs have been mistakenly thought to be all-female is the fact that it is named after a female. This female we are talking about is none other than the Virgin Mary herself. The reason behind it is that a certain species of ladybugs in Europe is called the seven-spot ladybug.

Ladybug on a stem of a plant

The seven spots of this critter are said to remind people of the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mother Mary. In Germany, they call ladybugs as Marienkäfers, which can be translated to Mary’s beetle or Marybeetle in English.

They Have Other Fun Names

One of the fun facts about ladybugs, other than them being a beetle and not a bug, is the other names they are known for.

The red ladybug sits on a white feather. Macro

There are parts in England where they refer to these vibrantly colored insects as bishop” or “Bishop Barnabee. It is a nickname given by the Norfolks for the ladybug. Another fun name that this insect has is “ladybird”.

It is given this nickname because they are good fliers. In Russia, it is popularly known as bozhya korovka, translated to English as “God’s little cow”. The French call them vache a Dieu, translated to “cow of God” in English.


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