Top 10 cities with weirdest names!

10. Pussy,


There is a small village in France, called pussy. Its name is derived from personal name “Pussius,” which was also the name of the village’s owner during the Roman era. Young children around the world also use it to refer to cats in different languages and countries around the world.

9. Dildo, Canada

The town is situated on the island of Newfoundland in Canada. It was given this name in 1711, and its origin name is still a mystery today.

8. Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

This city is called Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. It has 8 buildings and an estimated population of 1. It is known as “Rabbit Hash” because in the early days, several rabbits died when they jumped into a pot of soup. Stupid bunnies! Kids that’s why you need to go to school too, so you don’t cook yourself!

7. Cut and Shoot, Texas

This place is called Cut and Shoot, Texas. Man, I might get demonetized for all of these names! The population is 1,290

6. Toad Suck, Arkansas

This place is called Toad Suck, Arkansas. Maybe it’s never participated in a census.

5. Why, Arizona

Population: 116. Why?

4. Boring, Oregon

YOU GUYS, OH MY GOD! The fourth place we have is Boring, Oregon. Population:7,762

3. Unalaska, Alaska.

At our Number 3 We have a community of undecided people. 4,437 of them. Honestly, people make up your minds. This place is more boring than Boring, Oregon!

2. Fucking, Austria Population: 104

It is believed that the village’s founder, a guy by the name of Focko, gave the town in Austria. We are not sure whether Focko knew English or not, but we know that this word was not a slang word at that time for sure. However, in German, the word “fucking” refers to “Focko’s people.” The fact that tourists frequently steal the village’s road signs as a souvenir is more interesting than all of this.

1. No Name, Colorado

Finally at our number one spot we have the biggest liars in all of America. No Name, Colorado. Guys, you are worse than Unalaska, I mean, come on. Be honest! Your town has a name! don’t try to tell a white lie and say your town has no name. What’s the population? 123.


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