Top 10 What If Questions!

1. What If You Woke Up One Morning In Another Country Surrounded By People Who Spoke No English And With Only The Clothes You Slept In, What Would You Do?

This question really inspires you to be creative while also forcing you to think practically. This interesting question can lead to a great conversation about what you’d do in such an event.

2. What If You Could Be Famous, But Poor Forever Would You Do It?


What’s more truly valuable, riches or glory? This question will get a person to reveal their priorities and whether or not they can handle the situation imposed by the question. Will it be wealth or fame?

3. What If You Had The Chance, Would You Change Something In The History, Risking That, Your Parents Never Will Meet With Each Other And You Never Will Be Born?

Are you willing to potentially sacrifice your very existence for the greater good of humanity? This hypothetical question reveals what the other person thinks: are they worth more than the potential benefit that action can bring?

4. What If You Could Say A Sentence Which The Whole World Could Hear, What Would You Say?

Businessman on the podium speaking at the conference

You have your platform, but only for one minute. What would you want the world to listen to? Hypothetical questions like these are about potential world-changing events that could seriously impact life.

5. What If You Could Live Perfectly Well Without Sleeping, If You Had No Need To Sleep At All, How Would You Spend All Your Nights?

Desperate woman suffering from insomnia

Or, should you try a polyphasic sleep cycle like Kramer from Seinfeld? What could possibly go wrong? With no need for sleep and all that free time, what could you accomplish now that you have the entire day to yourself? Maybe you could eat your favorite food all the time, or go to outer space!

6. What If You Were A Hotdog And You Were Starving, Would You Eat Yourself?

Man holding a big hot dog

Is it cannibalism if you’re made of sentient processed meats? Would you prioritize your hunger or your safety? If your favorite food is hotdogs, then it might be worth considering.

7. What If You Woke Up Suddenly Because Your House Was On Fire, Which Three Things Would You Save As You Ran Outside?

Car and house in smoke and flame destroyed in fire accident

This question is a great way to learn about what possessions are most important to a person, which can tell you a lot about them. Can they save their favorite thing in time?

8. What If You Were Given Three Wishes, What Would You Wish For?

A classic question that can generate a massive range of answers. If you could have three things, what would you choose? Specific questions like these reveal a lot about what they care about.

9. What If You Were Given A Chance To Go To The Moon, Would You Go? Why Or Why Not?

Miniature astronaut toy balancing on moon in spacesuit waving his hand.

Are the risks worth the rewards? Do you fear space and its dangers or crave the excitement of being able to go to another world? Is outer space the frontier you’re looking for? This question separates the thrill-seekers from the safety-minded.

10. What If You Had To Choose Between A Wonderful Romantic Relationship That Would End After Only A Year, Or A So-So Relationship That Would Last Your Entire Life, Which One Would You Choose?

Is it better to have loved and lost…? A year of bliss or a lifetime of stability with your girlfriend or romantic partner? A hypothetical question like this can really get your gears turning.


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