Two football players facing each other, one very tall and one shorter person looking up.

How do you communicate with folks who are short?

Step Away: Take A Step Or Two Back

It’s easier to stay in touch when the gap between you and them is greater.

Young man jumping over gap between walls, mid air

Neck aches are a common issue with short heightened individuals.

African American Man Massaging Aching Neck Sitting At Laptop Indoor

When chatting with short heightened folks, moving behind them a couple of steps is the best way to achieve eye to eye contact.

Adorable child making eye contact with her lovely grandma

As a result, the short heightened individual will not have to strain their neck to communicate with you.

Squatting? No DO NOT

Handsome young Arab man doing squats, working out at home, full length

Where you could feel comfortable hunching down, twisting, or stooping.

A young girl child stooping over to pick something up outdoors on a rainy day wearing her raincoat

In a public place, it leads more people to notice them, making them feel isolated. It can also make them feel like a child and make them feel offended.

Policeman crouching

You should not crouch or stoop when speaking with someone who is short and heightened.

Woman standing straight and shielding her eyes with a palm

When speaking with someone who is short and heightened, it is best to stand straight. They will feel equal as a result of this.

You don’t have to remind them that they’re short.

People who are short are acutely aware of their lack of height.

That is why, in a group portrait, they will be the first ones to go in front, even if no one tells them to.

As a result, don’t bring up their height-related insecurities throughout your conversation with them.

couple having argument and husband insulting wife at home

They will be insulted, and some may retaliate with another outrage.


Two Brother Fighting

I could simply transport you.” No, it’s not amusing; it’s insulting.

Annoyed boy ignoring psychologist at session

When you meet a short heightened individual, avoid calling them names that will make them feel ignored.

mad little toddler holding a doll

Names like munchkin, babydoll, smalls, or tiny should be avoided.

Respect word written on wood block

If you want to learn how to address short people with respect, use their first or last names.

Young people meeting in cafe

This will start the conversation. It’ll also keep you from calling each other names that aren’t appropriate.

Asian business women are using smartphones to contact customers in the garden.

Make contact with people before making any assumptions. Inquire about what they should and should not do.

Be all ears for them and assist them in overcoming insecurity.

Group of young intercultural colleagues interacting at meeting

Interacting with others through paying attention to what they’re saying is a fantastic and necessary skill.

Children listening a fairy tale

A conversation should be a two-way street. Listen more than you talk, no matter how much you talk.

Fit tall basketball playe

People who are tall will occasionally believe that they are superior to others who are shorter.


That is one of the reasons you will learn about their engrossing debates.


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