Top 10 photos you won’t believe are real!

1. Billy Owen

A cancer survivor who went blind from the disease and became a professional zombie.

For his survival, doctors had to amputate part of his face. His right eye, as well as the muscles and nerves in his nasal cavity, were removed by physicians. However, he used this tragedy as motivation to play a zombie in a number of movies and music videos.

2. Carlos Rodriguez, A Man with a Half Head 

The picture that you see above is real. This man is alive. You might be surprised to learn that you don’t need your whole head to function, according to science. This relates to Carlos Rodriguez’s situation.
Losing your half of the brain through hemispherectomy doesn’t affect your memory and personality. 

3. Chinese Doctors Grew Another Nose on Xiaolian’s Forehead After He Met with an Accident

Can you ever imagine this to happen? No? But this is true. After Xiaolian met an accident, the doctors did his plastic surgery and got him a new nose on his forehead. His nasal cartilage began to corrode, so the doctors did this strange thing and used his forehead as the best remedy.

The nose was grown by placing a skin tissue expander on his forehead. It was then cut into a nose shape, and then cartilage, taken from his ribs, was planted.

4. Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox, the Largest Bat in the World

They are the biggest bat in the world and weigh around three pounds.

5. Mursi Woman Showing Off Traditional Lip Plate

Although this image is heartbreaking, ladies from the Ethiopia’s Mursi tribe wear this lip plate.

They wear this traditional clay or wooden discs in their bottom lip. Throughout the years, a large plate is inserted into the lips that cause it to stretch. It is believed that the larger the clay plate, the more the woman is worth before getting married.

6. Mandy Sellars Suffers from a Rare Disorder Proteus Syndrome

Mandy Sellars was discovered to have Proteus Syndrome in 2006, a rare genetic abnormality. Only 100 to 120 people globally are known to be affected by this unusual illness. She was born with unusually huge feet and legs. Her legs kept growing at an abnormally fast rate.

7. Lake Sameranger with beautiful clear water. Tyrol, Austria

8. The Asian Werewolf – Yu Zhenhuan

Yu Zhenhuan, a person of Chinese ancestry, is known as the Asian WereWolf. It might surprise you to learn that Yus has 90% of his body covered with hair. According to doctors, he has werewolf syndrome. 

9. Komondor Hungarian Breed – A Dog or Bear?

The Komondor is a white Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with a corded coat, also known as the Hungarian sheepdog. It is a mop dog that is typically used to protect animals and other types of property. It is a huge Molosser dog that is at least 70 cm tall. 

10. 2010 Guatemala City Sinkhole – A Disaster That Collapsed Guatemala City

The sinkhole was estimated to be 18 meters wide and 100 meters deep. This 30-story-deep sinkhole was thought to be triggered by tropical storm Agatha, but later it was reported to happen by human activities.


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