Do vampires exist? Here is the truth!

Do vampires exist? Here is the truth!

Real-life vampires do exist, but they are afraid to tell doctors about their practices. Real vampires exist. They’re usually not the cape-wearing types, but rather regular people who happen to drink blood or energy because they feel they need it. But despite the fact that these people sometimes need the help of therapists or social workers, recent research in Critical Social Work found that many are unwilling to reveal their identity as real vampires.

Of course, such fear seems understandable given the history of how mistrusted individuals have been accused of vampirism and the rare, sensational account of modern vampires. But real vampires aren’t what many think. For years, D.J. Williams of Idaho State University has studied them. He said to Laura Zuckerman, a Reuters reporter, “They are successful, ordinary people.” Self-identified vampires find each other online.

Williams teamed up with Emily E. Prior, of College of the Canyons, to write the new paper. They clarify that while some people who identify as vampires do take part in role-playing games or love wearing specific attire (think of dark and cloak-like), others are vampires just in their belief that they must consume the energy or blood of others. Consensual donors typically provide the blood if it is needed.

Nurse with donor blood

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