Top 10 things you should never, ever google

10. The Death Clock

I don’t know about you,

but I don’t want to know when I’m going to die.


You’ve ignored us and searched for it anyway, right? We can also presume that you have already entered your name, contact information, and smoking habits, and that the internet has told you of your expected deadline. Despite the fact that the “smart” voice in the back of your head is saying that it’s illogical, you still can’t get it out of your head, can’t you?

9. “Nikki Catsouras”

18-year-old Nikki Catsouras unfortunately died in a car accident in 2006. The scene was so horrific that Catsouras’ parents were never asked to identify the body. Sadly, pictures started to spread online. Two California Highway Patrol officers admitted sending the images via email to friends, making them publicly available. Don’t Google those pictures If you’re sensitive to graphic images.

8. Snapewives

According to the Urban dictionary, this term means: “A group of middle-aged women on the internet who believe they are all married to Severus Snape from the Harry Potter books — on the astral plane. They have real-life meetings where they take turns channeling the spirit of Snape so they can have wedding ceremonies with him.” Sounds fun, right? Wrong. There are photos, videos, and blogs… And there are feelings… a lot of feelings.

7. Bedbugs, and pretty much any type of home pest

Woman use spray for clean the bed at home

Although all bugs, but bedbugs in particular, are disgusting, it is simply too much to think having these awful insects share your bed. Sometimes it’s best for us not to know.

6. “Alice in Wonderland 1976”

An old story called Alice in Wonderland has gone through several variations. However, if you Google the 1976 version, you’ll discover a shocking adult movie based on the popular fairy tale. Wikipedia calls the film “American musical fantasy adult erotic film.” The majority of people who searched for Alice in Wonderland probably weren’t looking for it.

5. Brian Peppers

Peppers on a Windowsill

If some kind of auto-correct incident causes you to search for Brian Peppers, you will discover information about an Ohio s** offender. After being found guilty of gross s**ual imposition, Peppers was photographed in 1998 for Ohio’s Electronic S** Offender Registration and Notification system. Some people think Peppers’ picture may have been edited because of a physical deformity. It is real, according to a Snopes investigation.

4. Elephantiasis

African american lady having skin scrubbing procedure at spa salon

According to Google, elephantiasis is a skin condition that is distinguished by the thickening of underlying tissues, particularly the legs and male genitalia. Although this probably gives you an idea of what you’re going to see, nothing will prepare you for the horror show unfolding on Google image.

3. Blue Waffle Disease

There is honestly no need to elaborate. Whatever you do, just don’t.

2. Tetris Fanfic

Closeup image of people playing and building wooden puzzle game

What could possibly be wrong with searching for Tetris? It’s Tetris, after all. Wrong again. There is a type of pornographic fan fiction inspired by Tetris. It sounds something like this: “I unbuttoned the blue pixel I had on my lower half and instructed her on the ways of foreplay. As her top pixel met my bottom pixel, I let out an ecstatic sigh. Such pleasure I had never experienced in my life” …

1. Tub Girl

Luxury bathroom with large white tub, beautiful cabinets, and shiplap walls.

Do you know the games where you have to concentrate really, really, really hard, and then a scary face appears out of nowhere and you fall of your chair crying? In some ways, tub girl is similar to those faces because it manages to scare the life out of innocent people. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t look it up, because your reaction might be similar to these guys.


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