Top 10 houses that are zombie proof!

Top 10 houses that are zombie proof!

1. The Facility

It was completely renovated in 2012 after being originally built by the US government in 1969. The structure can supposedly withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear explosion. Interested in buying it for the zombie apocalypse? The Facility was last on the market in 2015 for $17.5 million.

2. The Home in the Middle of the Ocean

Zombies are incapable of swimming, and they lack the brains needed to locate and operate a boat.

3. The Super Reinforced House

This home is sunny and bright. There are many windows and doors. But when you are in danger, it turns into a fortress. To enter this house, you would need nothing less than a bomb.

4. The Elevated Vegetation Home

Given that zombies cannot climb, this house would be ideal in a zombie apocalypse. You will be secure as long as you remain on one of the upper floors.

5. The Armored House

This house is located in the middle of the ocean, therefore, it is zombie proof. The home is constructed of bulletproof material. In case of an attack, there are fixed guns on the side of the house.

6. The House in the Hole

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, this is among the safest locations to be. The desert is where it is located. The property is surrounded by extremely high walls that keep both people and zombies out.

7. The House in the Cliff

One of the top ten zombie-proof houses is this one. This residence is set into a cliffside. It is a magnificent residence as well as one that is secure and safe.

8. Luxury Houseboat

If you are going to wait out the zombie apocalypse, it is best to do it in luxury and style.

9. New Bivouac Gervasutti

Designed by LEAPFactory, this prefabricated refuge can withstand extreme high-altitude conditions. Gervasutti was built with the help of helicopters and can only be enjoyed by climbers willing to make the 9,300 foot climb to the summit.

10. Ark House

The most striking feature of Ark House is its foundation, which is designed like a bridge to allow rain to flow through. Sliding exterior walls can be moved to protect inhabitants from zombies and looters.


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