If you see this, run fast and ask for help!

If you see this, run fast and ask for help!

The box jellyfish

Jelly fish tank

Because its venom kills very rapidly and there is nothing you can do to stop it, this animal is the second most dangerous on earth after the mosquito that spreads malaria

Komodo Dragon

Large Komodo Dragon

This animal is very skilled at hunting since it can wait for its prey for a very long period in an invisible place, then chase after her, bite her neck, and leave her to bleed to death. E ating a lot of food.

Blue Ringed Octopus

This octopus kills its victims in a very terrible way by grabbing them and then injecting poison into their veins. Within a few minutes, the victim paralyzes, making them unable to breathe. The only method to save a person is to give them artificial respiration for an hour, until all traces of the toxin are gone.

Tse Tse Fly

This tank sucks blood like a mosquito, which is definitely disgusting, but the worst of it is that it spreads what is known as African trypanosomiasis, or sleeping sickness, which kills about 250 thousand people yearly.

Poison Dart Frog

Blue Poison Dart Frog

This frog looks beautiful but don’t let this beauty fool you because this frog doesn’t need to bite you in order to poison you, but rather has poison on its skin, that’s how it is in nature, the brighter the animal, the more dangerous it is.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba, Chobe National Park, Botswana

The black mamba is totally different because it can attack you even without provoking it at all. Some people think they might enjoy it anyway. If someone gets stung and the person who has been stung does not receive the antidote within 30 to 50 minutes, they will die, the poison stops working. The nervous system paralyzes the victim.

 Brazilian Wandering Spider

Brazilian Wandering Spider Up Close in Costa Rica

Do you know why the Brazilian wandering spider is referred to as the most venomous spider in the world? In contrary to other spiders, these ones may actually be discovered in crowded areas very frequently, especially during the day when they can be found in homes or cars.

Africanized Honeybee

These bees can chase their victims for very long distances, a poison that is not more dangerous than the venom of ordinary bees, but if a large number of them sting you, you should visit a doctor.


This fish looks just like a rock.
Well, there are two things you need to know about this fish first. If you can’t tell it from the rocks and you step on its limbs, it will poison you and you’ll lose your leg, and that might be the best thing.

Cone snail

One drop of this snail’s venom is more than enough to cause someone’s death, which makes it extremely dangerous. The worst part is that there is NO cure or even an antidote. If it stung you, you will definitely pass away.  It is also known as the cigarette snail because its poison kills as quickly as you finish smoking a cigarette. Hopefully, you are not a smoker.


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