Top 10 creepy facts about Jeffrey Dahmer

1. Who was Jeffrey Dahmer? 

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer

was found guilty of killing 17 people between June 18, 1978, and July 19, 1991.

2. His Twisted Zombie Experiment

Prosecutors hired Dr. Frederick Fosdal, a forensic psychiatrist, to examine Dahmer. He discovered that the serial killer had performed lobotomies on several of the bodies of his victims, drilling holes in their skulls and injecting fluid there.

He gave them a dose of muriatic acid while they were still alive to see if he could control them. He had wanted to manage them and keep them around longer by turning them into zombies, according to Fosdal. He admitted to having s** with some of the corpses and to having preserved one man’s heart to eat.

3. The Disturbing and Gruesome Polaroid Collection

After killing a person, Dahmer would photograph the body as it was being chopped. “It was my way of remembering their appearance, their physical beauty.

If I couldn’t keep them there with me whole, at least could keep their skeletons.” Dahmer said. When one of the officers saw the horrifying collection of Polaroid photos, he started looking into it more and found his fridge full of jars holding human genitalia and other body parts.

4. The Foul-Smelling Apartment of Horrors

Hearts, biceps, and portions of flesh from the legs in plastic bags placed in the fridge which he would eat it later.

5. He Allegedly Raped Soldiers in the Military

\During his time in the army, two soldiers came forward with claims they had been drugged and raped by Dahmer. He was declared unfit for military service in 1981 and received an honorable discharge.

6. His Fascination with Death and S** Began in Childhood

Dahmer’s father recalled how his son’s fantasies connected with dead and s** began with roadkill during his childhood. ” (Jeffrey) cut them open to examine the insides of the animals,” he said. He did what most all of us young males do when the hormones kick in tremendously, and he was doing something sexually with them.

And I think the neuronal connections, you know, made contact and sort of hard-wired Jeff.” Things like that should have given the parents a clue that something was seriously wrong, don’t you think?

7. His father unwillingly helped him with his future crimes

The chemist father of Jeffrey questioned him about what would happen if the chicken bones they were eating were placed in a bleach solution.

His father was so impressed by his lazy son’s curiosity and initiative that he went into great detail on how to keep chicken bones for a long time, not realizing that his son would later use the same procedure to preserve humans whom he had murdered in his apartment.

8. His High School “Doing A Dahmer” Pranks Were Disturbing

Dahmer was a troublemaker, a loner, and a prankster at Richfield, Ohio’s Revere High School, where he studied.

He would sneak into photos of clubs and societies he was not a member of fake seizures in the classroom corridors, and generally frighten many of his peers. His alcoholism also began around this time in his life too and there was always beer or scotch whiskey that he kept in his locker.

9. He almost executed a gruesome plan at the age of 16

A usual jogger who went by caught his attention, and he began to fantasize about raping him as part of a bigger fantasy in which he could completely dominate a male victim.

Fortunately for him, the jogger didn’t pass that day, and Dahmer left without being able to carry out his masterplan. He was hidden in the bushes with a baseball bat ready to knock his victim out.

10. He committed his first murder at the age of 18

Steven Mark Hicks, a random hitchhiker, was his victim this time. He was able to get Hicks to his home, and the two of them enjoyed several hours of drinking together. In the end, Jeffrey beat Hicks to death with a 10-pound dumbbell because he wouldn’t let him leave the house.

The next day, he dissected Hicks in the same manner as the animals he discovered dead on the highways close to his home. A few weeks later, he used his father’s methods to use acid to dissolve his victim’s flesh before crushing the bones with a sledgehammer.


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