Top 10 Most Unusual Schools in the World!

Witch School:

girl in a witch costume and a boy in a skeleton costume looks through the glass lantern on the porch

The school teaches the essentials of witchcraft and their belief system.
Since the school’s website went live in 2004, more than 200,000 people have registered for classes there. 

Trabajo Ya, Spain:

cropped view of prostitute in mesh stockings sitting on bed on black

Around 400,000 men and women are currently employed in the prostitution industry, which is legal in Spain. This school is quite popular in teaching the art of prostitution to young men and women professionally.

Train platform school, India: 

A teacher from Orissa Inderjit Khurana started an organization Ruchika School Social Services organization (RSSO), to teach these children on the train platform. Since it is difficult for the children to come to the school in a different place.

Snake Charming School, India: 

While girls taught to take care of the snakes, The boys taught how to charm the snake with the flute.  Children are prepared to start working as snake charmers professionally by the time they are twelve years old.

Forest Kindergarten:

These schools, just like other kindergartens, help children to be more connected with their environment. This is achieved by having students connect with nature and create things from materials found in the forest.

Floating School in Bangladesh:

The classes happen on boats, which keep on floating from place to place, they pick up the student and leave them back to their respective place after the classes. 

Dongzhong cave school:

Going to school can sometimes take the children around 6 hours. Because of their strong desire to learn, these students were able to keep the school open for 23 years before Chinese authorities decided to close it.

Abo Elementary School:

It is located in New Mexico, USA. The school is the first underground school in the USA and it was build during the heightened tension of the Cold War between the USA and Russia.
The place also thought to make as an emergency shelter during the attack. 

Gulu Elementary School:

It situated in China and is one of the most picturesque schools. Gulu is a small village in highly mountainous areas of Sichuan province. The way to the school of the zigzag path made in the mountains of narrow, rocky passages.

Husband hunting school:

Asian senior couple relax at home. Husband and wife smile talking and drinking coffee

Husband hunting school in Japan teaches women how to connect with their husbands and families as well as how to set the right priorities. The majority of the female students are in their 30s on average.


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