Haunted House Attractions in Japan

In Japan, there are many of the scariest haunted houses that will make your heart pound and give you goosebumps. Not many people know these houses are used as tourist attractions. Visiting these scary rides will be an unforgettable experience.

1. Fuji-Q Highland (Yamanashi)

Fuji-Q Highland is a popular amusement park located in the city of Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi. This place is famous for its roller coaster which has incredible speed and height. But if you’re looking for an extra thrill, don’t miss Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear.

Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear is widely known as the largest and scariest haunted house in Japan, where you can feel the terror with all your five senses. By walking around the eerie, dimly lit atmosphere of a hospital, which according to legend, was once used for cruel human experiments.

2. Hanayashiki (Tokyo)

There are three types of haunted places to try in Hanayashiki. Sakura-no Onryou is the most popular, with a background story about a woman who was trapped in there as the spirit of a Sakura tree that was cut down during the construction of an amusement park.

You will walk through dark and narrow alleys while encountering many ghosts and scary Japanese dolls in kimonos. This ride has no age restrictions, so it’s not too scary but still quite spooky.

Thriller Car is another thrilling ride that can be enjoyed by children aged 5 years and above. And there is also Ghost Mansion which is the newest attraction where you can experience a thrilling experience not only visually but also through your ears with headphones.

3. Daiba Haunted School (Tokyo)

Another must-visit haunted place in Tokyo is Daiba Haunted School, which is located on the 4th floor of DECKS Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall in the Odaiba area. This terrifying attraction features an old, abandoned elementary school often seen in Japanese horror films.

Visitors cannot leave the spooky building unless they solve the mystery and complete the mission to save the spirits of students who died at the school in the past. This place is also available in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

4. Ifu Musebiya (Tokyo)

Ifu Musebiya offers a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone.

The storyline of this escape house is set up like this: It takes place in a small and old Japanese house that is rented out. You find the house on the internet and contact a real estate company to reserve a place. When you enter the house, you will immediately notice something strange.

Bloody bathrooms, dark rooms with no light, and scary noises from the old stairs. What makes it different from other haunted rides is the fact that you won’t be chased by a ghost, but by an odd killer. You have to complete missions to get out of the scary house and escape from bloodthirsty killers.

5. Aokigahara Forest – The Suicide Forest

Aokigahara Forest, famously known as the suicide forest. It is located at the foot of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, Mt. Fuji. Historically, it is said that Aokighara forest was a place where monks would go to starve themselves to death.

Others say it was also used to practice ‘ubatse’ or the practice of leaving old women to die in the forest. In modern days, it is known to be the go-to forest for those who want to commit suicide.


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