The Top 10 Funniest Cat Videos on the Internet

Cat videos have taken the internet by storm over the past decade, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re cute, cuddly, and often hilarious in their antics. With so many cat videos out there, it can be tough to sift through them all to find the funniest ones. To help you out, here are the top 10 funniest cat videos on the internet.

1) Keyboard Cat

This classic video features a feline playing a keyboard with impeccable timing.

2) Surprised Kitty

In this adorable video, a kitten is surprised by its own cuteness in front of a mirror.

3) Henri Le Chat Noir

This French-speaking black and white cat has an existential crisis that will leave you laughing out loud

4) Grumpy Cat

The original viral sensation, Grumpy Cat’s permanently unamused expression makes for some hilarious memes and videos.

5) Maru Box Sliding

Maru is known for his love of boxes, but watching him slide across a room in one will have you giggling uncontrollably.

6) Simon’s Cat in ‘The Box’

Simon’s Cat gets into all sorts of shenanigans trying to get inside a cardboard box in this animated short film.

7) Nyan Cat

This rainbow-colored Pop-Tart-bodied feline flies through space while accompanied by catchy techno music. Need we say more?

8) Cats Stealing Pizza Compilation

Who knew cats had such refined taste? Watch as these sneaky kitties steal pizza right off their owners’ plates.

9) Fenton Chasing Deer in Richmond Park

In this real-life comedic moment caught on camera, Fenton the Labrador chases after deer while his owner frantically tries to stop him.

10) Talking Tom Shorts Mega-Pack (Binge Compilation)

Talking Tom may technically be an app rather than just one video clip but he still deserves recognition as one of the funniest cat videos on the internet.


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