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How to get weed smell out of a car?

How to get weed smell out of a car?

1. Ozium

The best technique to eliminate the weed odor from your car is by far spraying it with Ozium.

For best effects, spray the car completely, roll all the windows up and put the air on full blast in recirculation mode. The smell will be gone in ten minutes.

2. Febreze

Spraying with Febreze is a close second to Ozium in popularity.  It seems to do almost as a good job but is often cheaper. Febreze, say they use ‘Odor clear technology’ that really gets rid of the smell.

3. Lysol

Lysol is a popular option for disinfectant spray. It’s pretty cheap and comes with the benefit of bacteria-free after you’ve sprayed. Lysol will also actually remove the smell rather than just mask it.

4. Axe deodorant

We were surprised by how many people suggested spraying your car with Axe deodorant. The biggest issue with this approach is that it just covers up the weed odor rather than actually getting rid of it.

5. Orange Chronic

Orange Chronic is actually a bong cleaning solution, but many believe it also works great when sprayed on your car’s surfaces. The smell is pretty strong, so we recommend airing the car out thoroughly after using it.

6. Blunt Power

Most commenters agree that a couple of sprays will kill the smell of weed in your car, but some people think the smell is so bad they’d rather deal with the scent of stale weed.

Although we do know Blunt Power is very strong and worth a try if you can stand the scent, that is just my personal opinion.

7. Air freshener tabs

They’re an obvious choice to make your car smell good, but keep in mind that like deodorant, they’ll only cover up the smell and won’t remove it. 

8. Incense stick

Incense smoke

The smell of the incense will rot in your car as long as the smell of weed so if you’re ok with replacing one smell for another then this could work for you.

9. Baking soda

A bowl of baking soda is a common method for controlling odors indoors.
If you can find a secure spot in the car it might even work well to just leave some baking soda in their permanently.

10. Light up a cigarette to cover up the odor.

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This is also a fairly simple option and, likeĀ incense, isĀ just going to replace one rank smell with another.

Hope this helps!


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