Top 3 ways to trick a Monkey!

How to trick a Monkey?

1. Begin by having your monkey in a position where they are likely to be alone.  This can be done by giving them a toy to play with or by placing them in a scenario where they won’t have anything else to do.

Family of monkeys. monkey family

2. After that, begin speaking in a commanding way to the monkey. This could include telling them what to do, telling them to get close, or telling them to get up.

Walking hand in hand. A Thai trainer holding the hand of his monkey - Copyspace.

The monkey might feel more secure and willing to follow with your commands if you speak in a positive manner.

3. Last but not least, make sure the training space is ideal for Trick a Monkey.

Looking at a monkey at the Monkey Temple in Ubud, Bali. Indonesia

For example, if you are training your monkey to sign for food, it might be helpful to set up some fake food items around the room so that the monkey cannot resist trying to grab and eat whatever is given.

Hope this helps!


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