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How to Make It Look Like You Weren’t Crying?

1. Calm Down Try to calm down first, more crying will make your puffy face more obvious. It is best to take several deep breaths and direct your attention elsewhere.

Calm down

2. Wash Your Face Keep your eyes closed and wash your face with lots of cold water. Remove any contact lenses you might be wearing, then gently pat your face dry with a clean cloth.

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3. Treat Redness Use some eye drops that you can purchase at any convenience store and apply 2 or 3 drops to both of your eyes. Also, you can apply drops on your lips and nose to help the blood vessels constrict.

4. Deal with Swelling You can use Advil (ibuprofen) to reduce the inflammation on your face and relieve headaches that you might have. Use a cold gel pack wrapped in a towel to cool the area around the head. To avoid cold injury, don’t leave it unattended for too long.

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5. Put on eye protection. Sunglasses can help cover your red eyes; choose glasses with a broad frame so people won’t notice your face.

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6. Let Makeup Help How to make it look like you weren’t crying? If you’re a girl, makeup can help you hide it. Ideally, you should dress as casually as you can and seem as like nothing is wrong.

Need some make up.

Use a concealer with the lightest shade possible and apply a small dot on your lower lash line. Try to blend it with your eyeliner. Some women have a discolored under-eye region when they cry. In that case, use a slightly darker shade. For the lashes, it is better to use a light coat of mascara.


Avoid putting mascara on your upper lashes, but on your lower lashes This is done to make your eyes look more natural. In the case of lips, try natural colors and in case your lips are puffy because of crying, you can use some concealer.


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