Witchcraft, dark magic, candles with ritual book

How to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft?

I have worked with both light and evil magic as a long-time practicing Witch.

You might never be aware if someone has cursed you.

Halloween, witch use magic book and cauldron prepare poison or love potion

Believe me. Others don’t find out until you tell them.

Voodoo doll,a doll used in witchcraft

However, if someone crosses you, puts a hex on you, or curses you, it’s usually a result of evil witchcraft, VooDoo, or a related practice.

Witchcraft, dark magic, candles with ritual book

There are indicators, although they are typically small or almost unnoticeable.

Fresh curdled milk, homemade yogurt in spoon

You might notice your cream or milk curdling while it should still be good.

Tarot cards, Fortune telling on tarot cards at night by candlelight, magic crystal, occultism

You might also notice a strange or slight smell of sulfur or a burnt smell.

Woman sleeping with her TV on

You may be plagued with bad or frightening dreams or sleep paralysis.

Female during sickness getting a glass of water

You can become sick, weak, or unable to eat.

selective focus of irritated kid with dyslexia shouting and holding head

You may become lethargic or easily irritated.


The first thing you should do if you believe a spell has been cast is to sage your entire house.

Priest reading mass online

In addition to that, consulting a priest, witch, or spiritualist may be necessary.


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