How to get rid of sugar ants?

Sugar ants are ants that eat sugar.

Sugar ants, sometimes known as banded sugar ants, are little black ants that are native to Australia and only found there.

When we think of sugar ants, we usually think of pavement ants or pharaoh ants, both of which are common house ants.

Pharaoh ants are yellow or light brown with black or reddish brown legs, whereas pavement ants are black or reddish brown with pale legs.

Sweets, as well as other sugary meals and scraps, attract these ants.

They also consume lipids, proteins (obtained by the consumption of other insects), and pollen from plants.

They’ll bring food back to their nest for the rest of the colony once they’ve found a food supply.

Sugar ant removal using natural techniques

If you want to avoid using harsh chemicals to get rid of sugar ants, try the following natural home remedies:

• To get rid of the sugar ant trail, make a vinegar solution by mixing one part vinegar with one part water and putting it in a spray bottle.

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which masks an ant trail’s fragrance and serves as a deterrent to these pests.

To prevent ants from migrating along these pathways, spray along baseboards and all probable entrance paths and trails after locating the ants’ access location.

Once the dead ants have been sprayed, wipe them up with a paper towel and dispose of them.

Spray in the morning or late afternoon when ants are most busy to get the most out of this home remedy.

Scatter discarded coffee grounds about your home—Ants despise the fragrance and acidity of coffee, which burns them.

Distribute used coffee grounds around pet bowls and other areas where ants are a problem.

You can also use coffee grounds to keep ants out of your house by sprinkling them around the perimeter.

• Place entire cloves or bay leaves on the counter—The chemicals that give cloves and bay leaves their pungent odor repel sugar ants effectively.

To keep ants away, sprinkle whole cloves along baseboards and bay leaves under counters.

Bunch of garlic hanging on the wall

Hang garlic in your pantry—Like cloves and bay leaves, garlic has a strong odor that confuses ants and causes them to lose track of their route.

Garlic should be tied to strings and hung from cupboard door knobs and shelves.

• Make your own mosquito repellent by combining one part water and a few drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle.

To keep ants away from your kitchen island and pantry shelves, spray the solution on such surfaces.

• Make an ant trap at home—

On a disposable plate, spread honey or corn syrup. The ants will be drawn to the bait and become entangled in the sticky substance.

Remove the plate and the rubbish from your home once the ants have died.

Use commercially available organic products—

Organic products such as Orange Guard or EcoSMART Organic Ant & Roach Killer are effective at killing sugar ants.

Orange Guard is an all-natural spray with orange peel extract that kills ants, while EcoSMART Organic Ant & Roach Killer is an organic and non-toxic liquid manufactured with plant extract that keeps ants away.

Diatomaceous earth is a fine white powder formed from the crushed remains of marine phytoplankton, and it’s safe to use around food.

Humans and pets are unaffected by food-grade diatomaceous earth, but insects are killed.

Diatomaceous earth enters the digestive systems of the ants and kills them from within. After a month, sprinkle the powder along ant trails and wipe away the substance.


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