Jack Sparrow Pirates Of The Caribbean

4 Ways to become a Pirate!

Have you ever wished that you were Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean?

Then, here 4 steps to become a pirate!

Step 1: Remove one eye.

Dog pirate

No matter how proud you are of your 20-20 vision, you’re going to have to be willing to lose that mini conversation confidence booster of “Oh, yeah I have 20-20 vision.” For this step, surgically removing one eye is advised. Apply an eye patch of your choice to the empty eye socket and continue.

Step 2: Cut one hand.

Jack Sparrow Pirates Of The Caribbean

Only one hand is allowed. At least you’ll always have a place to hang your keys with a hook for a hand, so look on the bright side!

Step 3. Saw off leg and replace with chair leg of choice.

Saw a log

Probably the most important step in the whole procedure. Only diehards lose a leg for the dedication to a life exploring the seven seas.

Step 4. Remove one, two, or all of your front teeth.

Close up of female mouth with retractor. Doctor flossing the teeth

There are many different methods for this step, but the most highly recommended is chewing on rocks. It just adds the cherry-on-top to the whole pirate image. All that’s left to do is follow these easy steps and you’ll be ready in no time to finally turn your life around and go on fantastic, barbarous, booze-filled adventures!

Hope this helps! How did it go? Comment down below.


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