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Top 10 rarest deaths!

Here are the Top 10 rarest deaths!

10. Aeschylus


The Strange Deaths of Aeschylus in History Rather than being a tragedy, his death may be called a comedy. A turtle that fell from the sky murdered the Greek tragedian! You may be thinking right now that this isn’t possible but wait until you learn how it happened. A tortoise was thrown on his bold head by an eagle, who mistook it for a rock that would break the tortoise’s shell.

9. The Strange Deaths of Qin Shi Huang in History

The Strange Deaths of Qin Shi Huang in History

Qin Shi Huang desired to rule as emperor forever. Unfortunately, he was told that by drinking deadly mercury poison, he may become immortal. Although he did not become immortal, he did make our list. Good enough.

8. Béla I of Hungary

Béla I of Hungary

Béla I was the man responsible for the eradication of paganism in Hungary, for which he’s still celebrated in this country. His expensive throne fell apart beneath him, causing injuries that ultimately led to his death.

7. George Plantagenet

George Plantagenet chose his own fate. Edward IV, George’s brother, had ordered George’s death after his defeat in the War of the Roses. He was given a choice in how he would be killed. George Plantagenet made the decision to drown himself in a barrel of Malvasia, his favorite wine.

6. Hans Steininger in Austria

Hans Steininger ruled as the burgomaster, or mayor, of a town. What he did for his town is forgotten, but Hans’s death with a broken neck when he fell is not.

5. Dancing Plague

We got to go to the early 16th century. The Dance Epidemic of 1518, which affected over 400 people and left them dead from heart attacks, strokes, or weariness, is unknown.

4. Clement Vallandigham

Clement was a 19th-century lawyer. One time, he went too far, accidentally though. He did the same, trying to show how the victim could have shot himself while drawing a gun. Literary the same – he shot his brains off!

3. The Great Molasses Flood

When the Boston Molasses Disaster occurred in 1919, more than twenty people died. People drowned in molasses that was traveling down Boston’s streets at a speed of 35 mph (56 km/h) when a storage tank burst.

2. Robert Williams

The assembly line was first introduced by Ford Motor Company. Ford once more made history in 1979. It became the first company in which one of the employees was killed by a robot. Robert Williams died from the injuries inflicted by the arm of a one-ton heavy robot.

1. V. Kamaraj

The first individual to be killed by a meteorite occurred in 2016, when it hit the Indian bus driver. A rock that fell from the sky hit the bus he was driving, killing him and wounding three other passengers in the process.

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