Why is my facebook not working?

Examine Your Internet Connection

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Check to see if your device is properly connected to the internet. This may seem obvious, but make sure your ethernet cable is plugged in and your router is turned on.

Is Facebook unavailable?

Check to see if Facebook is down before resetting your iPhone or re-starting your router If you have another device like an iPad, or Android, Smartphone.

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You can try logging in to your Facebook account to see if it’s working. Checking DownDetector, however, is a more elegant solution.

Reload Your Browser

Refresh your browser if you’re accessing Facebook through the website rather than the app. If you’re having a problem with your browser, this should help.

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When you’re on Facebook, all you have to do is press the Reload or Refresh button. On most browsers, the button is located in the upper-left corner.

Log out of the app and restart it.

Closing and reopening Facebook on your iPhone, iPad, or Android is sometimes all that is required to resolve an issue.

Log out of your Facebook account, close, restart, and log back in.

Delete the Cache and Data

Clearing your browser’s cache and data is the solution. The procedure for clearing data and cache varies depending on the browser and device you use.

The steps you must take in Apple Safari will differ from those required in Chrome or Firefox.

Reboot Your Computer

When you leave your computer, Android, or iOS device on for an extended period of time, strange things begin to happen.

Background apps, services, and operations can cause a variety of issues.

Reinstall or update the Facebook app

Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Facebook app. Otherwise, you’ll run into compatibility issues and Facebook will stop working or behave strangely.

• Go to Play Store if you are using Android.

• For iOS, go to App Store.

Empty the DNS Cache

DNS issues could be interfering with your attempt to connect to Facebook.

While typing a website address, your computer sends it to the Domain Name Server, which processes it and returns an IP address for a specific server.

Inside the DNS cache, your device saves information about all the websites you visit. To resolve this issue, you must flush the cache.

On Windows, follow these steps:

1. Press the Windows key + R to bring up the Run window. Enter cmd and press the OK button.

2. Type and press Enter the command shown in the Command Prompt window: /flushdns ipconfig

Facebook is currently unavailable due to maintenance. If Facebook isn’t working for you or you can’t log in to your account, the platform could be down for maintenance.

You should receive a message or notification about this, and your only option is to wait.


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