What does RP mean?

Are you feeling unsure when it comes to texting abbreviations? Have you ever received a text message,

email, or seen the term “RP” on one of the social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, but you don’t know what it means?

Although it may be upsetting and/or embarrassing, there is no issue! You’ve found the right channel to learn what RP stands for.

What Does RP Mean?

RP stands for both “Role Play” and “Rating Pending.

Rating Pending

The letters RP, which stand for “Rating Pending,” are used by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) to indicate that a game has not yet received a final rating.

Role Play

RP can also stand for “Role Play,” as in the abbreviation RPG (Role-Playing Game).

Outside of video games, “Role Play” is frequently used, especially in theater and educational settings. Participants in this situation change their behaviour (and sometimes their looks) to fit a role.

Summary of Key Points

On gaming-related apps like Discord and TeamSpeak, as well as on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, “Rating Pending” is the most common meaning for RP.

Examples of RP in Sentences

Here are examples of RP being used in conversations:

 Jack: Have you seen the ESRB rating for the new version of this game?

 Fran: I checked. It’s still RP.

(Here, RP means “Rating Pending.”)

 Teresa: Why are you looking so happy this morning?

 Liza: Let’s just say that we tried a little RP after dinner last night and it was very interesting.

(Here, RP means “Role Play.”)

Before you go, here are other Examples of RP in Text

Example 1

Amy – I want to RP with you tonight…

Antonio – Wow, kinky! Who will we be?

Example 2

James – Gina was RP as a nurse during sex last night, it was awesome.

Julia – wow, you guys are such a cool couple.

Example 3

Magie – I’m going to RP with my friends today, we’ll be playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Christian – Wow, that sounds like tons of fun.


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