Why Does My Spotify Keep Stopping?

There are a few possibilities for why Spotify’s playback is paused or the entire program crashes. Here are a few options for fixing your Spotify app.

As a result, consumers may need to try a few different solutions before they can finally solve the problem. The techniques to fix Spotify are listed below.

Spotify app

How do I get Spotify to work again?

Low power mode and data saving mode are the key causes of Spotify not working.

Both of these modes, when activated, prevent background applications from drawing power from the battery or from accessing the internet to save data.

As a result, checking for and disabling these features may help Spotify. Both Android and iOS smartphones should be able to use this strategy.

Another factor that could stymie a seamless Spotify experience is a slow internet connection.
Videocall meeting conference angry annoy with low poor unreliable internet wifi connection

Those experiencing problems can try switching to a different connection, such as moving from mobile internet to Wi-Fi or vice versa.

The application would not pause or stop as long as it had enough bandwidth to play constantly.

If the problem with online streaming remains, users can try downloading the music and listening to them offline.

If multiple users try to stream music from the same Spotify account, they may all run into the same problem. As a result, logging out of all other devices will stop Spotify from pausing.

Users can clear the cache or saved data via their device’s Settings menu.
The application can be uninstalled and reinstalled by users.

These are just a handful of the many options for resolving a Spotify account that is unable to stream audio and constantly shutting down.

While the first one may immediately resolve a user’s issue, it’s possible that they’ll need to attempt a few more before Spotify returns to normal.


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