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Do dogs really fart?

Flatulence is the buildup of gas in the intestine that exits through the rear end creating a smell, a noise, or both that we call a ‘fart’. The word ‘flatulence’ originates from the Latin word, ‘flatus’, which means “a blowing, a breaking wind.” 

The air that makes up a fart typically comes from two places. It is either swallowed air that has traveled through the gastrointestinal tract, or it is the byproduct from bacteria breaking down food in the large intestine.

Is It Normal For A Dog To Fart A Lot?

Dogs typically break wind about 5 to 20 times per day. Most are silent and odorless, so you may not even notice them. Your dog’s diet, gut health, breed, age, and lifestyle will affect what a normal amount of gas is for them. 

Consistently smelly gas may be a sign that something isn’t quite right with your dog’s diet and/or gut health. We discuss both of these topics in more detail later on, including what you can do to address your dog’s flatulence problem.  

Which Dogs Are More At Risk Of Having Chronic Flatulence?

Breed Matters! Dogs with flat faces (brachycephalic breeds), such as bulldogs and pugs, typically fart more than other dogs. This is because they take in more air when eating and drinking due to their unique facial structure. 

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Dogs with sedentary lifestyles, mature age, obesity, and certain health issues are more likely to produce smellier and higher amounts of gas compared to their counterparts. Most of these factors are connected to their gut health, and more specifically, the bacteria that live in your dog’s intestine.

Why Do Dogs Fart A Lot?

Intestinal gas is the normal byproduct of your dog’s gut bacteria hard at work. Sometimes when these gut bacteria are faced with a challenge, such as a new food, they may produce more gas than normal. Here are the most common reasons your dog may produce excess gas.


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