Why do dogs like squeaky toys?

Squeakers are annoying for you

but fun for them ?

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A dog and his favorite toy is a love affair for the ages, and many dogs have an especially close bond with their squeaky toys.

But why do dogs like squeaky toys so much and why are they obsessed with those noisy little squeakers (especially when the sound probably drives you crazy)?

Read more to learn why dogs are so obsessed on squeaky toys.

Why do dogs play?

Knowing why dogs play in the first place and what types of play actually energize them will help you understand why your dog loves her squeaky toy.

Beagle dog biting and chewing on rubber toy on a floor

When hunting for food, wild canids behave in a manner like this: orient, freeze, stalk, pounce, grab, bite, kill, dissect, and consume… Stalking and pouncing on toys is similar to stalking and pouncing on prey.”

In other words, dogs enjoy playing with toys and games that push them to use their natural hunting instincts.  (playing also helps direct that energy into a productive activity — rather than destroying your shoes or furniture).

Why do dogs like squeaky toys?

Simply put, that annoying squeaking sound actually activates a dog’s predatory instincts.

Squeaky toys have an animal-like squeaking sound.

Hunting dogs

Moreover, because it makes them think of their hunting instincts, dogs enjoy toys that move. When we animate their toys for them, dogs enjoy it. Both the sound and the movement of the toy excite them.

Many dogs like this hide-a-squirrel squeaking toy, which allows your dog to “hunt” for squirrels without even leaving the house, if you’re searching for a squeaky toy that will really engage your pup’s instincts (best of both worlds). It costs $12 and is available on Amazon.

Are squeaky toys good for my dog?

Squeaking, tugging, and fetching are all extremely enjoyable ways to interact with your dog and offer a safe outlet for species-typical behavior as well as stress reduction and quality time with your pet.

Squeaky toys are a great way for your dog to channel his energy and natural predatory instincts while also having fun, as long as he doesn’t become too aggressive.


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