Why do cats and dogs hate each other?

The introduction should be gradual

There’s a general consensus that introducing your pet to a new pet or even a newborn baby should be a gradual process. Don’t simply thrust them into a room together. That’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, make sure you get them acquainted with each other’s presence indirectly at first.

For example, let them sniff and get familiar with the scent of a new animal. You can do this by letting them meet on opposite sides of a closed door. Likewise, you can feed them at the same time too so that they can form a positive association with their new friend.

Give both pets their own space or territory

It is one of the most crucial aspects of having mixed-species pets. You have to give them their own space. Especially, a cat requires her own safe space she can escape to whenever the new dog gets too hyper and starts chasing her around.

Since cats love the height, you can make use of wall shelves or tall cat trees for this purpose. Moreover, keeping their toys separate is a good idea as well.

Consider your fur babies’ personality

One of the things to consider before bringing a new pet home is its personality. Experts say that it’s not as much as a breed but rather the personality of the dog on which the harmony of your house is dependent. Generally, cats and dogs have different temperaments. Cats don’t like to play around much unless they are kittens.

Contrastingly, dogs are commonly more energetic and playful. However, there are some dogs that are calmer than others. Those might be a better fit for a cat household. In the end, it all depends on what personality and energy level your fur babies have.

Train the puppy to not bother the cat

It is crucial that the dog is well-trained before introducing him to the cat. At the very least, he should be able to strictly follow “stay”, “stop”, “no” or “leave it” commands. This way you can easily control your dog in case his chasing instincts kick in.

Don’t make your pets jealous – Give them equal time

Dogs are so affectionate and human-like, you might wonder, “do dogs get jealous?” and the answer is yes! Dogs get jealous when you pay attention to other pets instead of them. On the other hand, we all know cats rarely get jealous.

They do, however, suffer from separation anxiety. Therefore, it is abundantly clear that to make your pets get along well, you need to give them equal attention, time, and love.

Don’t make them Fight for Food and Toys

Pets will fight if they perceive other animals in the house as competition for their resources. This includes food and toys. Make sure to feed both the cat and the dog separately so they don’t fight over food. Likewise for toys.


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