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Why can’t I wear white after Labor DAY?

You may be wondering how to get rid of all the white in your closet after Labor Day.

Most people are aware of the adage “don’t wear white after Labor Day,” but few are aware of its origins. However, the story behind this arbitrary dress code is a little dull.

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Rich, high-society women who were born into wealth began mixing with the “new rich” in the late nineteenth century.

They used fashion rules that only those who were “in” were privy in order to distinguish the old-money families from the new millionaires.

Certain events necessitated specific attire, such as sleeve-length requirements and white in the summer.

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Finally, in 1894, Labor Day was declared a federal holiday and, with it, a natural conclusion to the summer and a reason to don white clothing.

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No matter how miserable it would be to wear fall-appropriate clothing in the middle of the summer, if you were “in,” you would know that Labor Day meant packing away the cool, white clothes.

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There are fewer restrictions on what people can wear these days, and it’s common to see people wearing white well into the fall and winter.

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It’s a relief to know why, on Labor Day, you feel compelled to toss your white shoes into the back of the closet!

White should be off-limits after Labor Day for a certain amount of time. On Labor Day, many Americans put away their white clothes and don’t wear them again until after Memorial Day the following year.

American style.

Is it still acceptable to wear white after Labor Day? What’s the gist of the matter?

Even in the dead of winter, all things white are chic, from shoes and outerwear to knits and even white pants.

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After Labor Day, white pants are still acceptable attire.

What are the official colors of Labor Day?

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Red, White, and Blue are the colors of the American flag. On patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, we deck out our homes and wardrobes in red, white, and blue.


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