Top 5 photos that serial killers took of their victims!

Here are 5 serial killers who were known to have taken pictures of their horrible crimes.

1. Harvey Glatman 

Known as the “Lonely Hearts Killer,” Harvey Glatman was an American serial killer who exhibited his antisocial behavior and sadomasochistic sexual tendencies from a very early age. Posing as a photographer, Glatman would lure girls under the guise of offering them modeling opportunities, and then torture and rape them before eventually killing them.

Victim: Judy Ann Dull

This picture of Judy Ann Dull, one among his many victims, got the attention of the media after the killer and his actions were discovered. Authorities then found a number of these photos showing multiple women being raped and tortured. Horrific!

Judy ann dull the victim

2. Robert Ben Rhoades

Victim: Regina Kay Walters

Perhaps one of the most famous photographs of a victim by their killer, the image shows Regina Kay Walters whose boyfriend was killed by Rhoades before he imprisoned her for a considerable amount of time, torturing and raping her repeatedly. In the picture, she has short hair and forced to wear a black dress with heels. At the time, Regina was only 14 years old.

3. Robert Berdella

Victim: Jerry Howell

Jerry Howell, a 19-year-old, was both Berdella’s first victim and his first love. According to reports, several of Berdella’s victims’ bodies were never found. Berdella said that his initial inspiration came from the film The Collector, in which a man kidnaps and tortures a young girl.

4. Rosario Porto Ortega and Alfonso Basterra Camporro

Victim: Asunta Basterra

Surprisingly, Asunta was murdered by her own adoptive parents, who slowly poisoned her before strangling her to death. The motive behind the murder was the expensive real estate the young girl was to inherit from her grandparents. The image shows her lifeless body being wrapped in a blanket by her parents.

5. William Richard Bradford

Victim: Shari Miller

The authorities then discovered other pictures of numerous women who had posed for Bradford, strongly indicating that Bradford was actually a serial killer. Truly awful!


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