Why is Cancel Culture Toxic?

Cancel culture is bad because it dehumanizes human mistakes.

It draws people into the public and engages in name-calling and public shaming, which damages people’s lives and jobs.

Cancel Culture, phrase as banner headline

Cancel culture refrains people from taking a broader and more holistic approach to a problem or a problematic behavioral tendency of an individual or group. It works on the principle of mob psychology where one person is targeted.

Hey, don’t go yet, here are some samples and meaning of cancel culture πŸ™‚

What is Cancel Culture?

To cancel someone is to stop supporting them or their work, according to Merriam Webster. This means no longer reading what they write, listening to, or watching what they create, or enjoying what they produce.”

Let’s use a recent example to put this in context. Santoshi Shetty, a well-known Indian Instagram influencer, received the “canceled” tag after posting a video in which she was seen asking for Rs. 1500 as the currency for energy exchange for talking to people about their mental health issues and offering support through a conversation.

The video blew up on social media and the internet then deemed her canceled based on this video. Later on, she issued an apology.

To go a little back, in 2019 another video that showed an aunty criticizing three girls for their clothing choices in a Gurgaon mall went viral. Because of her old mentality, this aunty was also “cancelled.”  Later on, she issued an apology as well.

In all the examples mentioned above, there’s a commonality. Santoshi Shetty and the Gurgaon aunty both publicly apologized for their actions. But aside from that, is it really necessary to engage in public shaming when they can be corrected?

The way out of this β€œcancel culture” is a compassionate attitude towards other people and the habit of looking at everything not in isolation but totality. Rather than tagging individuals as canceled, we should try dismantling the structures around us.


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