Here are the Top 5 strictest schools

1. Michaela Community School

Was established in 2014 in a converted office block. There is a “zero tolerance” policy regarding poor behavior; a “boot camp” week at the start of the year teaches the children the rules and the consequences of breaking them.

2. Oral Roberts University

At Oral Roberts University, there is a rigorous dress code and a requirement that all resident and commuter students attend church at least twice a week. Both men and women are encouraged to maintain good grooming, dress modestly, and refrain from getting tattoos or body piercings.

3. Pensacola Christian College

Pensacola Christian College outlaws perfectly legal ones such as gambling, dancing, swearing, smoking tobacco, and even patronizing movie theatres. Their demands that their students refrain from so-called “perversions” like premarital s**, extramarital s** ( even if both parties agree to an open relationship), and homosexuality totally interfere into their personal lives and convictions. Anyone found in such a situation will be disciplined or fired.

4. Bob Jones University

All students at Bob Jones University are expected to regularly attend church, Sunday school, society, Bible conferences, artist series events, and vespers services on campus, though not necessarily in a single week. They understandably discourage illegal and disrespectful behaviors like excessive drinking. On and off campus, mixed parties of men and women must always have a chaperone present.

5. Liberty University

Liberty University, a university started by minister Jerry Falwell, ironically has an honor code that restricts everything from public displays of affection to movies watched by students in their dorm rooms.

The honor code of the university, “The Liberty Way,” requires students to abstain from watching R-rated movies. At Liberty, breaking the rules always comes with a fine/the fine for each “crime” is listed in The Liberty Way. Liberty also restricts hugging for three seconds, doesn’t allow dancing and prohibits students from participating in any unauthorized protest.


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