Top 10 scariest jobs in the world!

Here are the top 10 scariest jobs

in the world!

1. Oil rig diver 

Think about mining, except you’re unable to breathe, there are sharks around, and flammable oil is all around you. Yep… we’d rather not too! While ALL of this is going on, you still have work to perform. You need to handle heavy equipment and fix what must be fixed. It’s obvious why this is one of the riskiest jobs in the entire planet.

2. Ghost Hunter

People around the world perform this as a profession, despite the fact that people have questioned it for as long as it has existed. Consider the British tv show “Ghost Hunters.” These guys are paid to travel to the most terrifying places in the country and spend their evenings being terrified to death.

3. Alaskan Crab Hunter

These crab fishermen must travel through the icy oceans that surround Alaska. The world’s most dangerous and unforgiving oceans can be found here. With 300 fatalities per 100,000 workers, it has been identified as the most dangerous employment in the world. That’s every 0.3 worker. Scary stuff!

4. Crime scene cleaner

Someone has to clean up the mess after the cops have left and the forensic team has collected its evidence. Since you can probably imagine, we won’t go into detail about what that would involve. Very, very grim indeed.

5. Smoke Jumper 

What is a smoke jumper I hear you ask? Good question – these are incredibly brave people who are Heli-dropped amidst raging wildfires in the middle of burning forests. Winds, rain, and temperature changes can occur at any time, making wildfires very unpredictable.

6. Bomb technician

Along with just being scary, it’s scary how clever these people are. It takes brains and guts to perform as a bomb technician. One wrong move, or one wire cut incorrectly, and the game is all over. We don’t like those odds.

7. Miner Delving

Down into the deep crevasses of our world, dredging up materials that we need to survive in our lives. We’ve all seen films like “The Descent,” so thanks, but no thanks.There are 15,000 mining related deaths every year, and this is just what is documented.

8. Cyronics technician

Toying up whether this is creepy, cool, or creepily cool.  Cryogenically freezing people, so that, in the future when technology has caught up enough, they may be resurrected… Just… What!??

9. Storm Chaser

People must report on weather activities, to report and store data of what’s happening. But it takes a special kind of person to gladly take on this responsibility. 

10. Forensic Entomologist

Young policeman communicating with forensic expert at crime scene

It’s hard enough to investigate dead bodies without having to deal with creepy crawlies. Although being able to determine aspects of death through insects is pretty interesting. For this job, you would definitely need a strong stomach! It certainly be ranked one of the scariest jobs in the world if it was up to us.


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