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Top 10 Most depressing city in U.S.

The cities that follow range from having high rates of foreclosure and suicide to having high taxes

and a lot of political corruption, among other criteria, to determine the locations with the highest rates of depression.

Newark, New Jersey

Newark New Jersey USA

In cities with high rates of violent crime, more than a quarter of Newark folks living below the poverty line. The city is also home to the largest number of superfund (highly polluted) sites in the country and is struggling to find employment.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Sign, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Many Las Vegas neighborhoods have turned into ghost towns as a result of sharply falling home prices and one of the worst foreclosure rates in the country. High rates of suicide, unemployment, and a large number of people feeling the blues.

Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois, USA Cityscape

Along with home prices, political corruption, crime, and unemployment rates, Chicago’s unhappiness rating was strongly affected by brutal commute times, expensive property taxes, and harsh weather.

Buffalo, New York

Based on a Gallup poll that found a secular decline in jobs is the largest factor in a city’s depression rating, Buffalo took the top prize. The majority of Buffalo people say they are not hopeful about the future due to huge income and job losses as well as a 48 percent reduction in manufacturing since 1980.

St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Isaac's Cathedral at sunset in St. Petersburg

Despite the fact that it is always sunny, St. Pete’s residents suffer from high rates of unemployment and suicide, as well as a significant proportion of people who use antidepressants and claim to feel down most of the time.

Flint, Michigan

Flint (and nearby Detroit, see below) has been hit hard by the hurting auto industry, with unemployment rates, and violent crime, soaring. A shocking amount of abandoned homes have been demolished by the city in an effort to reduce crime as a result of the drastic fall in jobs.

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Ohio Downtown City Skyline Cuyahoga River

Cleveland residents are plagued by quite a few less-than-ideal circumstances, including not only dismal weather and high taxes, but quite a bit of corruption, unemployment, crime, pollution and even mediocre sports teams.

Stockton, California

Aside from having one of the highest rates of violent crime and foreclosures in the country, Stockton people are also dealing with one of the highest rates of unemployment.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan, USA Downtown Skyline

Falling home prices and a slumping economy due to a downtrodden auto industry has lead to closed schools and laid off police officers. This, along with high unemployment and crime rates brings Detroit to the near top of the list.

Miami, Florida

Miami beach, couple on the beach at Miami beach, life guard hut Miami beach Florida

With an estimated 47 percent of homeowners impacted by underwater mortgages, rampant foreclosures, and high rates of suicide, unemployment rates, violent crime, long commutes, corrupted public officials and antidepressant use, Miamians are struggling with a fair share of mental distress.


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