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Top 5 Countries Ukraine imports to! 

Here are Top 5 Countries Ukraine imports to!   

Ukraine imports mostly oil and natural gas, machinery and equipment, chemicals.

Its main import partners are former Soviet Republics countries (Russia and Belarus are the biggest). Germany, China, and Poland have been also gaining importance in recent years.  

In 2021, Ukraine imported $74.7B, making it the number 49 trade destination in the world. During the last five imported years, the imports of Ukraine changed $31.9B from $42.9B in 2016 to $74.7B in 2021. The most recent imports of Ukraine are led by Refined Petroleum ($5.63B), Cars ($4.1B), Petroleum Gas ($3.26B), Packaged Medicaments ($2.26B), and Coal Briquettes ($2.09B). The most common import partners for Ukraine are China, Russia, Poland, Germany, and Belarus.   

According to the World Bank’s World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS), again, the top five countries from which Ukraine imported goods in 2020 along with their share in percentage are:

1. China (15.38%), ($10.4B)

Chengdu, China River and Bridge

2. Germany (9.94%), ($6.42B)

German flag waving in front of the building in Munich, Germany

3. Poland (8.49%) ($7.07B)

Waving poland flags.

4. Russia (7.91%) ($8.13B)

Russia table flag

5. Belarus (5.47%) ($4.74B)



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