Do Rats Like Music?

Rats like listening to songs. Studies have revealed that rats have a strong preference for certain types of musical sounds. Music listening can provide rats with a number of benefits. This includes increased learning ability, less anxiety, a lower incidence of disease, and improved immune system function.

Music has attracted much interest as a health and wellbeing approach over the years, with rats typically being the subject of such studies. This is wonderful because it gives us an inside look at how rats perceive music. Also, how we can use it to enhance the well-being of our pet rats.

Types Of Music

Because every rat has distinct musical preferences, the answer will differ from one to another. It also depends on who you ask. This is because various owners of rats that are exposed to music will offer different responses.

Preferred Type Music Of Rats

Rats appear to like classical and baroque music. One study found that when Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony was played, they spent more time investigating the chamber than when other genres of music were performed. In another study, rats were found to be uninterested in country and western music.

A Pet Rat

According to one study, rats prefer classical music over all other genres of music. Jazz was found to be preferred by rats given a specific drug in one investigation. One study found that rats loved happy and euphoric house music because it enhanced dopamine and serotonin levels.

White funny decorative home rat sniffs the area on a gray plaid.

A Harvard study found that pet rat that is exposed to music between the ages of 10 and 20 days showed a stronger preference for music in adulthood. They were lured to music by nature. Rats who were not exposed to music as children had a range of behaviors.


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