5 Top Korean Mukbang Youtubers

To those fascinated but foreign to Mukbang, I have found the top 5 Korean Mukbang YouTubers who love to feast.

1. Tzuyang

Park Jung-won also known as Tzuyang is a Korean Mukbanger. Born on April 25th, 1997, Tzuyang started her youtube channel on Nov 19, 2018. As of writing, she has 7.73 Million subscribers and her most viewed video has over 19 million views. She does her mukbang at home as well as in restaurants and uploads videos 4 times a week.

She eats an enormous amount of food with fulfillment and also faces food challenges. She charms her fans with her friendly personality. She even owns her restaurant – Guui-dong in Seoul, South Korea, and is a very influential person in the mukbang world.

2. Stephanie soo

Stephanie Soo is a South Korean – American Mukbang YouTuber. She never misses the chance of eating trendy American and Asian food. Having over 2.5 Million subscribers on her mukbang channel and 1.26 Million subscribers on her second channel – Miss Mango Butt, she is charming the mukbang world in diverse ways.

A unique thing about her mukbang channel is- she shares True Crime stories as she eats the flavorsome food. Her story time showcases her quirky personality and confidence. She is very consistent on both of her channels. Her most viewed video has 15 Million views.

3. Hamzy

Born on March 5, 1990, Hahm Ji Hyung known as Hamzy is a Korean mukbang Youtuber. She joined YouTube in 2012 and as of writing has 10.9 Million subscribers. She usually eats homemade food and shows the process of cooking the food.

Her most viewed video is a cooking complication with over 45 Million views. She makes great sounds as she eats and loves kimchi. Her creative idea in cooking has led her to become one of the trendsetters in the mukbang community.

4. Eat with boki

Moon Bok-hee also known as Eat with boki attracted 4 Million subscribers in over a year allowing her to become one of the main trendsetters of Korean food in Mukbang. She usually writes funny jokes in her video subtitles showing her cheerful personality. Big bites are more appealing to viewers and boki never misses on the opportunity of taking a big bite.

Her slurping ability is excellent. She even makes big bite compilation videos that convey a ton of viewers to her channel. As of writing, she has 8.7 Million subscribers and her most-watched video has over 43 Million views.

5. Zach Choi

Zachary Choi also known as Zach Choi is a Korean – American Youtuber is known for Asmr mukbang video. His videos also show the process of cooking the food which gains him a lot of fans as people get to learn the recipe. His Asmr mukbang videos made him gain 19.2 Million subscribers and his most watched video has over 85 Million views.

He has collaborated with Korean mukbangers like Stephanie Soo. His AMSR videos are so calming and at the same time mouthwatering. An interesting fact about Zach Choi is he has never spoken in his videos but has attracted fans with his chewing, crunching, and chomping sounds .


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