Korea beauty secrets for whiter skin.

If you’ve wondered how Korean’s have such pale skin, here are some Korean beauty secrets for whiter skin. These include both home remedies and traditional Korean ingredients that are now a massive part of the skincare industry in South Korea.

Fermented Rice Water 

One of the biggest and best-kept Korean beauty secrets for glowing skin is the use of fermented rice water.

This is an ancient Korean beauty recipe that involves using leftover water from when you cook rice. This starchy water is cooled down and left to ferment and then used as a face mist or in a DIY face mask.

Experts have revealed that this fermented rice water contains Resveratrol that reduces melanin synthesis in the skin and improving the chances of your skin looking fairer.

Yuzu Lemon Extract 

Yes, technically Yuzu lemon is a Japanese fruit. But the use of it is popular all over South Korea thanks to the occupation where Koreans were exposed to Japanese cultures and traditions.

The Yuzu lemon is rich in citric acid which acts as a mild bleaching agent. So a lot of Korean skincare like toners, face mists, cleansers, etc. incorporate this ingredient for glowing skin.

Jeju Green Tea 

The green tea from Korea’s Jeju island is famous for it’s richness and antioxidant-packed leaves. This is also a popular ingredient in Korean face masks, cleansers and toners.

Korean women traditionally have used ground green tea leaves in DIY masks and used the concoction made from them as a makeshift toner.

Jeju green tea is also known to contain epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that helps decrease melanin and reduces pigmentation on skin.


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